Sack emptying

Convenient emptying of all standard sacks

Plastic or paper bags are classic containers for storing and transporting bulk materials. Manually operated sack emptying systems are the most economical option for product quantities of 1 to 100 sacks per batch. EMDE’s ergonomic bag emptying systems offer a significant workload reduction and significantly reduce dust in the handling bagged materials.

Advantages for your bulk material handling

Combined solution for emptying sacks/big bags

We offer solutions for almost every kind of container.

Combination with other EMDE components

Empty sack compactors, conveying and dosing screws and lump breakers.

Integrated dust removal solutions

For a clean workplace during sack emptying.

Ergonomic sack handling

User-friendly sack emptying supports your employees.

Our systems for manual sack emptying

Geöffneter Sackentleerer mit aufgeschweißten Haltedornen auf der Entleerklappe

Sack emptier type SE

  • The classic solution for bags
  • System with emptying flap and welded-on retaining spikes to securely fix the bag during emptying
  • Low-dust bag emptying due to the closed system during the emptying process
  • Ergonomically optimised bag handling through power-assisted operating flap
  • Easy opening of the flap due to air intake opening with intake filter during filter operation
Nahaufnahme einer geöffneten Sackschütte

Sack chute type ST

  • Quick emptying for large quantities of product
  • Optimum bag handling when emptying larger quantities of product
  • Tightly closing operating flap with hollow profile seal when not in use
  • Possible emptying of other containers such as bags, buckets or cartons
  • Particularly suitable for the food industry due to easy cleaning
Sackentleerkabine mit integrierten Stulpenhandschuhen in einer Halle

Sack emptying cabin type SK

  • Dust-tight product handling inside a closed dust collection hood
  • Perfect freedom of movement using long, interchangeable, gauntlet gloves
  • Generously designed viewing window and integrated lighting of the glove box for safe observation of the emptying process
  • Cutting open the sacks with a safety knife

Customized systems

Technical versions and options for all sack emptiers


  • Available in steel or stainless steel
  • Polished surfaces for versions that come into contact with the product: recommended for the food industry
  • Version for dust or gas hazardous areas (zone 1/2 or 21/22) possible – for use in the most difficult locations in the chemical industry
  • Integrated filter system with dust recirculation
  • Possible connection to an EMDE empty sack compactor for economical empty sack disposal within the aspirated area
  • Optimal funnel shape with integrated discharge aids such as beaters, vibrators, fluidising systems or loosening agitators
  • Integration of protective screens that retain material clumps or foreign bodies
  • Optionally as a top-mounted unit without funnel for direct mounting on existing containers

Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


Our solutions in action

Sack emptier for emptying dusty products
Mobile sack chute
Sack emptying cabin with discharge auger


Dusty additives should be added as bagged material if necessary.

The solution

  • A bag emptier is placed directly on an extended screw conveyor.
  • The bags with the powdery additives are placed on the operating flap and cut open at the front.
  • The actual emptying process takes place with the flap closed.
Sackentleerer mit angeschlossener Förderschnecke in einer Halle


The bagged materials are to be filled in flexibly at different points.

The solution

  • A mobile bag chute with a manual and dust-free docking to various floor inlets.
  • Aspiration takes place via a central suction with filter system.
Fahrbare Sackschütte in einer Produktionshalle


Silica must be emptied from bags and conveyed into a container.

The solution

  • The bags are placed on the open emptying flap and opened with a safety knife. Closing the flap empties the bag
  • Discharge from the bag emptier is via an integrated discharge screw. The product is conveyed into the separator tank by a suction conveyor.
Neue Sackentleerkabine mit integrierter Ausstragsschnecke auf einer Palette

Application areas

Außenbereich eines Baufstoffunternehmens am Morgen

Building materials industry

Chemiepark am Morgen

Chemical industry

Mitarbeiter der Kunststoffbranche mit einem Haufen Kunststoffgranulat

Plastics industry

Geöffnete Fässer mit Schüttgut

Food industry

Mitarbeiter der Recyclingbranche in einer Müllhalle

Environmental technology & recycling



Accurate filling systems for big bags, containers, drums or octabins.

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Systems for the dust-free emptying of big bags, containers, drums and octabins.

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Conveying systems and dosing systems manufactured for your application.

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We dose, mix, and break up your bulk material.

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