Filling systems for big bags, containers, drums or octabins

Our many years of experience in all industries and the resulting expertise enable us to find the right filling system for your bulk material. Accurate filling of big bags, containers, drums or octabins is a prerequisite for marketing the products in the sales containers. That is why we offer you integrated, calibratable weighing systems in combination with the appropriate control system. Our volumetric-based filling systems also ensure maximum flexibility.

Vollautomatische Abfüllstation für Big Bags von obenVollautomatische Abfüllstation für Big Bags von oben

Fully automatic filling station for building materials


The fully automatic filling of 30 big bags per hour with sand.

The solution

  • The empty big bags are gripped fully automatically from a stack via a robot and fed to the filling station.
  • The filling process, the closing of the big bags, the feeding of the pallets and the removal of the filled big bags are also automated.


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Befüllstation für Container mit integriertem WiegesystemBefüllstation für Container mit integriertem Wiegesystem

Filling containers in the chemical industry


The dust-free filling of containers with a powder.

The solution

  • The core of the project was a filling station that enables dust-free docking of the system with an OEL value of 100 – 1,000 µg/m³.
  • The station has an integrated weighing system for weight control.


Kombinierte Abfüllanlage für Big Bags und ContainerKombinierte Abfüllanlage für Big Bags und Container

Combined filling system for environmental technology & recycling


Combined filling station for big bags and containers for handling granulated filter dusts.

The solution

  • The various containers are automatically transported to the filling station and then to the pick-up point on a roller conveyor system.
  • Gravimetric and volumetric filling is used.
  • The station also has an integrated vibration bottom.


Mobile Big Bag BefüllanlageMobile Big Bag Befüllanlage

Big bag filling station for plastics


The filling of plastic granules from various silos.

The solution

  • The filling stations for these applications can be moved either on rails or freely in the production area.
  • The systems have their own pallet handling with automatic pallet feed, a tying station and a collection station for the filled big bags.


Big-Bag-Doppel-Abfüllanlage für KaffeeBig-Bag-Doppel-Abfüllanlage für Kaffee

Big bag filling line for food


A big-bag double filling line for different ground coffees.

The solution

  • The design of the station enables the filling of big bags and special containers.
  • The special features of the system are the good accessibility for operation and the ability for easy cleaning of the product-carrying parts of the line.
  • Magnetic separators and other units are installed upstream of the filling process to ensure that the highest possible product quality is maintained until the actual filling process.


Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


A selection of our components

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Big Bag Füllstation

Big bag filling stations

Individual system design, tailored to the filling capacity, product and local conditions.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Befüllstation

Filling stations

Volumetric and gravimetric systems for all bulk materials and containers.

3D-Produkt-Rendering des Emde Leersackverdichters

Empty bag compressor

The economical solution for disposing of your big bags or empty bags.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der automatischen Big Bag Abfüllstation

Automatic big bag filling stations

Robotic system for the fully automatic filling of 4-loop big bags.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Automatisierungstechnik

Automation technology

Optimised processes by networking of your machines and devices; Industry 4.0.

3D-Produkt-Rendering des Emde Fördersystems zur pneumatischen Förderung

Pneumatic conveying

Product conveying by pressure or suction conveyor systems.


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