Filling stations

Volumetric and gravimetric systems for containers, octabins or drums

Bulk goods are not only stored and transported in big bags and sacks. They often have to be filled into other containers, such as drums, octabins or containers. However, not all systems are designed for this. On the contrary: Filling usually requires customised filling stations. We will find the right system for you, for both volumetric and gravimetric filling.

Advantages for your bulk material handling

Unrestricted filling

We offer filling stations for all bulk materials and containers.

Proven solutions

Our systems have been used successfully for years.

Customised systems

The filling systems are designed according to your needs.

Ease of use

Ergonomic stations for manual or automatic operation.

Our filling solutions

Containerbefüllstation mit Steuerdisplay in einer Halle

Container filling:
A dust-tight system

  • If desired: Double flap system for an absolutely dust-tight solution
  • Container filling station for all container sizes
  • Manual or automated docking to all docking sizes
Vier blaue Fässer werden in einer Anlage befüllt

Drum filling:
Unique unit, customized for you

  • Customized interface for integration into existing systems
  • Automation solution for filling several drums on one pallet
  • Low-dust and safe docking to the drum filling station thanks to the integrated suction option
  • Universal docking suitable for different drum sizes
Befüllstation mit Oktabin und Big Bag

Octabin filling:
Safe filling of plastic granules

  • Maximum flexibility thanks to the combined solution for octabin and big bag filling
  • Optimum compaction of the product due to integrated vibrating floor
  • Low-dust and secure docking to the octabin filling station due to the integrated aspiration option

Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


Our solutions in action

Combined filling plant for a waste disposal company
Filling station for 4 drums
Container filling via carousel


The filling of granulated filter materials into containers and big bags.

The solution

  • The containers or pallets are automatically fed to the big bag filling station.
  • The filling operates volumetrically and gravimetrically due to different bulk weights.
  • The containers are automatically transported to the collection point.
Befüllstation befüllt einem Container auf der Rollbahn


A drum filling plant for the gentle filling of the catalyst granules into drums.

The solution

  • The fragile product is gravimetrically dosed into the filling plant by a conveyor belt.
  • The four drums are automatically approached from the docking station and filled one after the other.
Befüllstation für vier Fässer von der Seite


Filling containers with baby food for transport within the factory.

The solution

  • The powder is filled and dosed via two feed lines.
  • The filling station has a rotating filling platform with integrated weighing system for this.
Befüllstation auf einer drehbaren Abfüllplattform in einer Halle

Application areas

Außenbereich eines Baufstoffunternehmens am Morgen

Building materials industry

Chemiepark am Morgen

Chemical industry

Mitarbeiter der Kunststoffbranche mit einem Haufen Kunststoffgranulat

Plastics industry

Geöffnete Fässer mit Schüttgut

Food industry

Mitarbeiter der Recyclingbranche in einer Müllhalle

Environmental technology & recycling



Accurate filling systems for big bags, containers, drums or octabins.

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Systems for the dust-free emptying of big bags, containers, drums and octabins.

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Conveying systems and dosing systems manufactured for your application.

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We dose, mix, and break up your bulk material.

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