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Filling systems in the food industry

Complete solutions for your bulk material handling

Food, whether raw materials or finished products, must not contain any substances that are harmful to health or unwanted by consumers. Therefore, machines and systems in the food industry must meet high material and hygiene requirements. At the same time, the plant technology must be manufactured in conformity with ATEX in order to safely process potentially flammable powdery bulk materials, such as flour.

Food challenges


Filling machines for foods such as sugar, powdered milk or coffee must work dust-free and comply with the applicable guidelines 1935/2004 and the FDA.

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In the food industry, raw materials and additives are increasingly delivered in big bags, which have to be emptied on site under hygienic conditions.

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Important factors for mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems in the food processing plants are easy cleaning and dosing systems that deliver precise and reproducible results 24/7.

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In the food industry different recipes have to be produced. It is therefore important that the systems are easily expandable and adaptable. Taceability and high system availability are also important.

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Our solutions in action

We develop individual equipment and system solutions, future-oriented and networked for bulk material handling, adapted to you and your industry.

Filling in continuous operation
Dust-free emptying
Hygienic conveying and dosing
Feeding and mixing baking mixtures


Filling large quantities of granulated sugar from weighing containers into big bags, in 3-shift operation.

The solution

  • Due to the high filling capacity required, pallets must be available quickly. Therefore, the system is equipped with an automatic pallet feed.
  • The big bag is hung in the filling position by an employee who operates two systems alternately.
  • After the big bags have been filled and sealed, roller conveyors take over the removal of the containers.
Abfüllanlage mit einer Rollbahn für die Palettenzuführung


For a manufacturer of cereal drinks, the primary products are to be emptied from big bags and bags in a food-safe and dust-free manner.

The solution

  • The big bags with the main components are raised up by an integrated chain hoist and emptied into a storage container.
  • Additives are also added via a bag discharger installed on the side.
Entleeranlage für Big Bags und Säcke mit integriertem Kettenzug


For a manufacturer of soy, rice flour and oat flakes, products are to be conveyed and dosed in compliance with hygienic requirements.

The solution

  • The products are conveyed from a feed hopper to a downstream production line by speed-controlled screw conveyors.
  • To meet the hygienic requirements, the dosing screws also have hinged lids.
  • The hinged lids ensure easy cleaning when changing products.
Nahaufnahme einer Förderschnecke die zur einer Entleerstation führt


The feeding and mixing of widely varying baking mixtures with a low ceiling height.

The solution

  • The EMDE Bulk Batch System was used in this project because it can be flexibly adapted to different recipes and different quantities.
  • The recipe-controlled dosing of the individual baking ingredients takes place on the lower level 0 in automatically movable containers.
  • The containers are then moved over the mixer to level 1 by a lift system and emptied there.
  • The mixer empties the baking mixtures downwards into the sack filling on level 0.
Bulk Batch System mit zwei begehbaren Etagen in einer Halle

A selection of our components

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Big Bag Entleerstation

Big bag emptying stations

Standardised to automated systems for every big bag design and size.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Befüllstation

Filling stations

Volumetric and gravimetric systems for all bulk materials and containers.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Chargieranlage

Feeding and dosing systems

The Bulk Batch System, the optimal solution for dosing and distribution of bulk materials.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Dosierschnecke

Dosing screws

Dosing systems for maximum flexibility and efficient product discharge.

3D-Produkt-Rendering des Emde Fördersystems zur pneumatischen Förderung

Pneumatic conveying

Product conveying by pressure or suction conveyor systems.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der automatischen Big Bag Abfüllstation

Fully automatic big bag filling stations

Robotic system for the fully automatic filling of 4-loop big bags.


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