Bulk material handling in the building industry

Complete solutions for transporting and feeding your bulk goods

Bulk material handling in the building materials industry entails several challenges. For the production of plaster mixtures, for example, different transport systems for bulk materials are required in order to provide cement and lime in large quantities. At the same time, the systems must be suitable for high dosing accuracies, a wide variety of recipes and frequent product changes when producing mortar mixtures.

Our experience with pneumatic transport systems or mechanical conveying installations makes us experts in turnkey solutions that effectively combine emptying, dosing, feeding, mixing and filling.

Challenges in building materials


Bulk material is often used in large quantities. Filling into such large containers means that filling stations have to guarantee a high filling capacity and be as automated as possible.

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The ability to empty bulk materials that do not flow easily, such as chalk, must be guaranteed. At the same time, dust emissions must be minimised to optimise the working conditions for the employees.

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Many abrasive products, such as sand, have to be conveyed over long distances. The dosing of the main and small components must therefore take place quickly, but still with high accuracy.

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Due to the specific requirements for mortar and plaster, the number of formulations is constantly growing. In order to respond to this challenge, the feeding systems must be flexibly expandable.

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Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


Our solutions in action

We develop individual equipment and system solutions, future-oriented and networked for bulk material handling, adapted to you and your industry.

Fully automatic big bag filling
Combined system
Feeding and dosing system
Big bag emptying for ten collection points


For the project, 30 big bags per hour had to be filled with sand fully automatically.

The solution

  • The empty big bags are gripped fully automatically from a stack by a robot and fed to the filling station.
  • The filling process, the closing of the big bags, the feeding of the pallets and the removal of the filled big bags are also automated.
Befüllstation mit grünem Roboter in einer Halle


The emptying of big bags and sacks in a common system.

The solution

  • Big bags of plaster are placed on the top with a forklift.
  • Additives in bags are emptied into the same chute via an integrated bag chute.
Entleersystem für Big Bags mit integrierter Sackschütte


The aim of the project was to produce different mortar mixtures in spatially confined, existing conditions.

Die Lösung

  • The project includes the EMDE Bulk Batch System, various conveying and dosing systems and the necessary mixers.
  • The feeding and dosing equipment has an automatic transport system for containers
Frontale Aufnahme einer Chargier und Dosieranlage mit Aufzugsystem


Conveying of limestone and gypsum over a distance of 120 m from big bags to 10 different locations.

The solution

  • The big bags are placed on one of the dischargers with chain hoists and filled into the pressure transmitter with a capacity of 1500 L.
  • Three conveyor stations are individually connected to one of 10 conveyor lines via a hose coupling station.
  • An air generator with refrigeration dryer is available for each station.
Chargier- und Dosieranlagen für Container in einer Halle mit niedriger Deckenhöhe

A selection of our components

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Big Bag Entleerstation

Big bag emptying stations

Standardised to automated systems for every big bag design and size.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Befüllstation

Filling stations

Volumetric and gravimetric systems for all bulk materials and containers.

3D-Produkt-Rendering des Emde Fördersystems zur pneumatischen Förderung

Pneumatic conveying

Product conveying by pressure or suction conveyor systems.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Chargieranlage

Feeding and dosing systems

The Bulk Batch System, the optimal solution for dosing and distribution of bulk materials.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der automatischen Big Bag Abfüllstation

Fully automatic big bag filling stations

Robotic system for the fully automatic filling of 4-loop big bags.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Dosierschnecke

Dosing screws

Dosing systems for maximum flexibility and efficient product discharge.


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