Environmental technology and recycling

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The increasing environmental awareness of companies is further focusing on the need to recycle many products. Recycling also takes on an important role due to the increasing demand for limited resources, which are already scarce or becoming so. One example of this is the emerging field of electromobility. In addition, many processes in environmental technology, such as flue gas treatment, require bulk materials such as lime as additives.

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Battery Recycling
Filling granulated filter dust into containers
Filling into silo trucks
Pumping and dosing hydrated lime
Bulkbatch System


Dust-free emptying of big bags with shredded Li-ion batteries for conveying to a downstream process with as little operator intervention as possible.

The solution

  • A semi-automatic big bag discharger system was used for this project
  • The rotating circular blade automatically cuts open big bags with and without discharge spouts
  • The product is fed to the downstream process via a screw discharge base and a discharge screw
  • The traverse automatically places the emptied big bag in the big bag compactor (BSV)
  • Operator intervention is only necessary when hanging the big bag in the automatic traverse and when changing the BSV big bag
EMDE Umwelttechnik Batterie Recycling Anlage


The creation of a filling plant for granulated filter dusts.

The solution

  • A combined filling system for big bags and containers was designed and installed for the disposal company.
  • The various containers are automatically transported on a roller conveyor system to the filling station for filling and then on to the pick-up point.
Befüllstation befüllt einem Container auf der Rollbahn


Emptying drums and big bags in order to transfer these bulk materials into silo trucks.

The solution

  • A hydraulic drum tipper was used to empty the drums in this project.
  • A discharger, which has a cross knife for automatically cutting open the bottom, is available for emptying the big bags.
  • Both systems empty into a stuffing/steep screw conveyor, which ends in a truck loading tube.
  • The drum and big bag discharger are connected to a central filter system
Entleerstation im Außenbereich eines Unternehmens füllt Schüttgut in Silo-LKW


Hydrated lime should be dosed for flue gas cleaning.

The solution

  • Lime is dosed into the flue gas stack of a waste incinerator via an adjustable screw dosing unit.
  • The receiver is refilled with a flexible auger from a lime silo placed on the floor.
  • The air displaced during refilling of the dosing unit is also fed into the exhaust gas stack.
Dosieranlage fördert und dosiert Kalkhydrat


The production of concrete mixes for the disposal of radioactive waste.

The solution

  • A bulk batch system was used for this project.
  • For the batches, the individual additives are dosed into containers, which are then transported to a mixer.
  • After emptying, the containers are available for a new batch.

Environmental engineering challenges


The fractions must be separated and recyclable materials must be safely filled into containers. Since many products are considered hazardous to health, a dust-free filling is essential.

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The separated recyclable materials are filled into different containers such as drums or big bags. Afterwards these containers must then be emptied or re-filled in a dust-free process.

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In flue gas treatment in power plant technology, lime is for example dosed into the flue gas flow to separate environmentally harmful substances. Conveying and dosing systems are therefore required.

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So that radioactive waste from radiation therapy, for example, can be stored underground, it is mixed with cement. An exact and traceable composition must be observed for this mixture.

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Finding a solution together

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A selection of our components

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Big Bag Entleerstation

Big bag emptying stations

Standardised to automated systems for every big bag design and size.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Befüllstation

Filling stations

Volumetric and gravimetric systems for all bulk materials and containers.

3D-Produkt-Rendering des Emde Fördersystems zur pneumatischen Förderung

Pneumatic conveying

Product conveying by pressure or suction conveyor systems

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Chargieranlage

Feeding and dosing systems

The Bulk Batch System, the optimal solution for dosing and distribution of bulk materials.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Dosierschnecke

Dosing screws

Dosing systems for maximum flexibility and efficient product discharge.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Automatisierungstechnik

Automation technology

Optimised processes by networking of your machines and devices; Industry 4.0.


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