Screw conveyors

Conveyor systems tailored to your bulk material

In complete production lines, several process steps are usually connected by different mechanical conveying systems. This can only be achieved with the optimal coordination of the components connected in series. Screw conveyors efficiently connect your process steps to each other and transport bulk materials horizontally, inclined, or vertically using rotating screws or spirals. For an efficient process, we adapt all screw conveyors to your application in terms of process technology: according to the planned conveying capacity, properties of the material to be conveyed, the process length and the gradient.

Advantages for your bulk material handling

A system that has been tried and tested for decades

Because quality and robustness is the foundation of the conveyor

Standardised construction & individual systems

Because bulk materials and processes are different

Closed conveying

For a safe and dust-free overall concept

Low maintenance and easy to clean

For short downtimes of your system

Our screw conveyors

Starre Förderschnecke in einer Produktionshalle

Rigid screw conveyor:
tube and trough conveyors

For dust-free conveying, feeding and discharging, dosing and distributing powdery to lumpy bulk materials. Thanks to the variable vane designs (e.g., toothed, stepped, polished, relief-ground or wear-resistant), the EMDE trough and pipe screw conveyors also work with abrasive, sticky or slippery conveying media.

  • The screw conveyors can be made in steel or stainless steel: with a diameter of 100 to 315 mm and a length of up to 8 m without joints (other sizes on request)
  • Versions for gas or dust hazardous areas are possible (zone 1/2 or 21/22)
  • Polished surfaces that come into contact with the product: particularly hygienic for screw conveyors for food
  • Different sealing systems: stuffing box, shaft sealing, or special sealing systems for food or chemical applications
  • Gas-tight version for difficult processes
  • Integration of washing nozzles for the safe removal of product residues
  • Armoured version for highly abrasive bulk materials
Biegsame Förderschnecke wird von drei Männern bedient

Spiral screw conveyor EMDE-LIFT

This spiral conveyor is primarily used in the plastics, food, chemical, and building materials industries. The maintenance-friendly and space-saving design of the flexible screw conveyor is particularly suitable for very confined spaces. Added to this is the possibility of flexible screw routing.

Common applications include product discharge from sack, container or big bag emptying stations and the feeding of day silos and stirred tanks. It is ideally suited for conveying free-flowing, non-sticky products.

    <liSemi-rigid or flexible screw conveyor designs, depending on the industry (chemical, food, building materials or plastics industry)
  • The conveyor spiral can be made of steel or stainless steel: diameters of 30 to 100 mm and a lengths of up to 30 m are possible
  • Conveyor pipe made of steel, stainless steel or abrasion-resistant polyamide
  • Different geometries of the conveying spirals for granulate or powder
  • The system has a simple construction that can be quickly dismantled for cleaning and maintenance purposes

Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


Our solutions in action

Universal emptying system for environmental technology & recycling
Big bag transfer station
Big bag emptying station for food


The most universal possible emptying of various containers with plastic waste products and additives into silo trucks.

The solution

  • The station has various emptying systems for emptying drums, cardboard drums and big bags.
  • The products are filled into silo trucks via a screw system with loading equipment.
  • The system is mobile and can be transported to different locations on the factory premises.
Entleerstation im Außenbereich eines Unternehmens füllt Schüttgut in Silo-LKW


The transfer of bulk materials from big bags into containers.

The solution

  • The big bags are lifted into the emptying station by an integrated chain hoist.
  • Integrated discharge aids are available for emptying.
  • The bulk material is then transported to the container filling station with an integrated scale.
Big Bag Umfüllstation mit Förderschnecke in einer Halle


Combined emptying station for emptying various containers of oatmeal and rice flour, buffering them and conveying them to a downstream process.

The solution

  • The design of the station is such that it has no “dead corners” and is easy to clean.
  • All plastic parts and lubricants in the system that come into contact with the product are suitable for use in the food sector and have the necessary approvals.
Nahaufnahme einer Förderschnecke die zur einer Entleerstation führt

Application areas

Außenbereich eines Baufstoffunternehmens am Morgen

Building materials industry

Chemiepark am Morgen

Chemical industry

Mitarbeiter der Kunststoffbranche mit einem Haufen Kunststoffgranulat

Plastics industry

Geöffnete Fässer mit Schüttgut

Food industry

Mitarbeiter der Recyclingbranche in einer Müllhalle

Environmental technology & recycling



Accurate filling systems for big bags, containers, drums or octabins.

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Systems for the dust-free emptying of big bags, containers, drums and octabins.

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Conveying systems and dosing systems manufactured for your application.

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We dose, mix, and break up your bulk material.

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