Big Bag emptying station

Suitable solutions for your industry

The packaging material par excellence for bulk goods is the big bag, which is why it is used for various products in all industries. In order to empty big bags safely and dust-free, you need a system that is adapted to your bulk material and production environment. Our product-specific solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your production.

Advantages for your bulk material handling

Emptying of all bulk goods

Simple to automated systems: because bulk materials are different.

Proven modular principle

Flexible and robust big bag emptying systems are tailored to your needs.

Diverse emptying solutions

We offer solutions for every big bag design and size.

Safe big bag handling

Ergonomic emptying stations support your operating personnel.

Our big bag emptying systems

Gabelstapler platziert vollen Big Bag über einer Entleerstation

Big bag emptying system BE 1000
The simple system for simple emptying applications

  • Inexpensive system for simple tasks
  • Simple system construction including a support frame for safe support of the big bags
  • Funnel for discharging the bulk material, especially suitable for granules
  • Empties all big bag designs and sizes
Nahaufnahme Big Bag Entleerstation mit Staubsammelschale

Big bag emptying system BE 1400:
No product mixing thanks to easy cleaning

  • Fast and uncomplicated handling is possible due to the simple emptying of the big bags with big bag opening
  • Docking via a tightly closing, one-hand, sack clamp, making product leakage almost impossible
  • Particularly suitable for the food industry due to easy cleaning
  • Integrated dust collection tray, for collecting product residues when changing the big bag
Entleerstation mit einem vollen Big Bag

Big bag emptying system BE 1500:
The solution for almost all big bag variants and bulk materials

  • As a universal solution, the BE1500 emptying station is used in all industries
  • Dust protection through self-sealing of the big bag bottom with a rubber membrane
  • Safe opening of the big bag outlet via the service opening with ergonomic one-handed clip closure
  • The integrated aspiration nozzle reduces dust leakage at the service door
Zwei Entleerstationen mit Big Bags in einer Halle

Big bag emptying system BE 1600:
Emptying with dual ring docking system

  • Fixed connection of the big bag outlet via a dual ring docking system: This enables very clean and almost dust-free handling
  • A tried and tested system, especially in the chemical industry
  • Pneumatically or manually operated docking plates for various applications
  • Targeted aspiration and big bag evacuation through the integrated aspiration nozzle
Containmet Lösung für Big Bag. Big Bag Entleerstation BE 2000

Big bag emptying system BE 2000:
The containment solution for emptying big bags

  • discharge of big bags up to containment level OEB 4
  • suitable for use with flammable powder
  • suitable for contact with food
  • docking and undocking of the big bag in only 5 steps
  • only few accessories required for closing and undocking

Customized systems

Technical versions and options for all emptying systems


  • Available in steel or stainless steel
  • Polished surfaces for versions that come into contact with the product: recommended for the food industry
  • Version for hazardous dust or gas areas (Zone 1/2 or 21/22):
    Can also be used in the most difficult locations in the chemical industry
  • Big bag tightening devices for complete emptying
  • Big bag outlet closure systems for partial emptying of the big bag
  • Load lifting device in accordance with current machinery directive for single or multiple loops
  • Lifting beams, additionally with inliner holding and winding devices

Proven discharge aids with control:

  • Discharge floor with electric vibrator for bridge-forming bulk materials
  • Floor flexing device with four flexing cones for strongly bridging and agglomerated bulk materials
  • Side-walking device with pressing bar for agglomerated products and products that tend to compact

Support frames:

  • with integrated chain hoist for self-sufficient operation
  • for forklift loading; enables the use of existing forklifts
  • for particularly low ceiling heights; full use of the existing parking space is possible

Our solutions in action

Big bag emptying station for low ceiling heights
Automatic big bag emptying station
Big bag transfer station


Emptying ignitable products in a very confined space with low ceiling height.

The solution

  • The big bag station is suitable for receiving different types of big bags.
  • The product is dosed into the process gravimetrically.
Kleine Entleerstation vor der ein voller Big Bag steht


Big bags should be emptied automatically.

The solution

  • The operator manually hooks the big bag loops onto a lifting beam.
  • The big bag is automatically lifted to the emptying position and emptied by itself.
  • The completely emptied big bag is automatically unhooked from the lifting beam and pressed in a big bag compactor to save space.
Big Bag Entleerstation mit integriertem Verdichter


The transfer of bulk materials from big bags into containers.

The solution

  • The big bags are lifted into the emptying station by an integrated chain hoist.
  • Integrated discharge aids are available for when bulk materials are difficult to discharge.
  • The bulk material is then transported to the container filling station with an integrated scale.
Entleerstation entleert Big Bag der an einem Kettenzug hängt

Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


Application areas

Außenbereich eines Baufstoffunternehmens am Morgen

Building materials industry

Chemiepark am Morgen

Chemical industry

Mitarbeiter der Kunststoffbranche mit einem Haufen Kunststoffgranulat

Plastics industry

Geöffnete Fässer mit Schüttgut

Food industry

Mitarbeiter der Recyclingbranche in einer Müllhalle

Environmental technology & recycling



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