Automation technology

Perfectly coordinated automation solution

Regardless of whether it is a new system or the modernisation of an old system, we are the right partner for your automation task. With its own department for control and automation technology, EMDE offers you a full service for your system solutions. For this, we work with renowned manufacturers on the basis of our in-house standard or in accordance with customer specifications.

We support your projects during: conceptual design, circuit diagram creation, control cabinet construction, programming, electrical installation and commissioning. In combination with our service via remote maintenance, you also receive an full service package with your perfectly controlled complete system, including a CE declaration of conformity.

Benefits for your control system

Optimal networking of machines and devices

Your system for the digital revolution (Industry 4.0).

Control cabinet assembly according to your wishes

We work with renowned manufacturers in accordance with your specifications or our standard.

Full service package

From start to finish: We support you throughout the entire project.

Straightforward automation planning

Thanks to direct contact persons in-house.

Our services for automating your system

Mitarbeiterin bei der Anlagensteuerung über Display
  • PLC controls with integration into an existing control system
  • Modernization and expansion of existing controls
  • Control planning using EPLAN
  • Electrical installation and commissioning of the system from a single source to avoid interfaces in project handling
  • Short response times in the event of a standstill thanks to optional remote accesses
  • So that you always have everything in view: Visualisation and system operation via HMI panels
  • Tuning and parameterization of the weighing system to the respective application
  • Use of various weighing electronics from different manufacturers with standard programmes or customised solutions
  • Coordination of the weighing systems with our or existing dosing systems
  • Use of calibratable load cells and weighing terminals

Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


Our solutions in action

Automatic filling station
Feeding system
Combined filling system


The fully automatic filling of 30 big bags per hour with sand.

The solution

  • The empty big bags are gripped fully automatically from a stack by a robot and fed to the filling station.
  • The filling process, the closing of the big bags, the feeding of the pallets and the removal of the filled big bags are also automated.
Befüllstation mit grünem Roboter in einer Halle


To produce colour mixtures, different products have to be dosed according to the recipe for the mixing process in a very small space.

The solution

  • The EMDE Bulk Batch System has a central recipe management system for this purpose.
  • Depending on the requirements, the required products are dosed into the mobile containers and transported to the existing mixing system via the container system.
Chargieranlage mit Rollbahnen für Container


A combined filling station for big bags and containers for handling granulated filter dusts.

The solution

  • The various containers are automatically transported to the filling station and then to the pick-up point on a roller conveyor system.
  • Gravimetric and volumetric filling is used.
  • The station also has an integrated vibration bottom.
Befüllstation befüllt einem Container auf der Rollbahn

Application areas

Außenbereich eines Baufstoffunternehmens am Morgen

Building materials industry

Chemiepark am Morgen

Chemical industry

Mitarbeiter der Kunststoffbranche mit einem Haufen Kunststoffgranulat

Plastics industry

Geöffnete Fässer mit Schüttgut

Food industry

Mitarbeiter der Recyclingbranche in einer Müllhalle

Environmental technology & recycling



Accurate filling systems for big bags, containers, drums or octabins.

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Systems for the dust-free emptying of big bags, containers, drums and octabins.

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Conveying systems and dosing systems manufactured for your application.

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We dose, mix, and break up your bulk material.

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