Bulk material handling in the plastics industry

Complete solutions for dosing and filling your pellets

Plastics are produced, filled and emptied in large quantities worldwide for use in various manufacturing sectors. The ability to convey pellets over long distances within the plant is just as important as a high-precision dosing system for feeding the extrusion machines.

Plastics challenges


Plastic pellets such as PE, PVC, PA or plastic powder have to be filled quickly and accurately on site, mostly in big bags. A large system output is therefore necessary for high filling capacities.

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Pellets and plastic powders are needed in large quantities for a wide range of applications. These are delivered in big bags which need ergonomic systems to empty the bulk material efficiently.

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Pneumatic conveying is a suitable system for feeding pellets into extruders. Adjustable dosing systems must be adjustable over a wide range and it is important that the systems can be cleaned quickly.

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Different recipes with a variety of raw materials have to be implemented flexibly. Easy and quick cleaning when changing products is therefore an important aspect to avoid product contamination.

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Finding a solution together

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.


Our solutions in action

We develop individual equipment and system solutions, future-oriented and networked for bulk material handling, adapted to you and your industry.

Filling big bags
Emptying big bags
Conveying and dosing of pellets
Feeding and mixing of poorly flowing powders


50 big bags are to be filled with plastic pellets per hour.

The solution

  • The plastic pellets are first precisely dosed from the silo system into weighing containers.
  • Two big bags are filled simultaneously in the high-performance double filling station.
  • The filled and sealed containers are automatically transported to the warehouse via a roller conveyor system.
Doppel-Füllstation befüllt zwei Big Bags in einer Halle


Powdered stabilisers and plastic pellets are to be provided for the manufacture of cable materials.

The solution

  • The big bags are brought into the emptying position with a chain hoist.
  • To loosen up the products, the dischargers are equipped with efficient bottom walkers, as the products have become compacted during transport.
  • The feed from the discharger into the subsequent dosing unit is via a generously dimensioned pipe socket.
Vier Big Bag Entleerstationen mit Big Bags an Kettenzügen


The dosing of powders and pellets for feeding extrusion systems.

The solution

  • In this project, the individual products are conveyed, recipe-dependently, from a dosing unit on a scale into a blow-through sluice.
  • The powders and granules are transported to the mixing plant in a remote building via a pneumatic conveyor.
Nahaufnahme einer Dosier- und Förderanlage


Feeding the main and secondary components into containers with subsequent transport to the mixers.

The solution

  • Several dosing units, which are mounted on scales, dose the sometimes poorly-flowing powders, recipe-controlled, independently of each other and in parallel.
  • The batches are filled into containers with flexible side walls via special docking stations. This ensures problem-free emptying at the mixer.
  • Driverless transport systems take over the transport to the mixing plant.
Vier auf Waagen montierte Dosiereinrichtungen in einer Halle

A selection of our components

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Big Bag Entleerstation

Big bag emptying stations

Standardised to automated systems for every big bag design and size.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Befüllstation

Filling stations

Volumetric and gravimetric systems for all bulk materials and containers.

3D-Produkt-Rendering des Emde Fördersystems zur pneumatischen Förderung

Pneumatic conveying

Product conveying by pressure or suction conveyor systems.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Chargieranlage

Feeding and dosing systems

The Bulk Batch System, the optimal solution for dosing and distribution of bulk materials.

3D-Produkt-Rendering der Emde Dosierschnecke

Dosing screws

Dosing systems for maximum flexibility and efficient product discharge.

3D-Produkt-Rendering des Emde Leersackverdichters

Big bag compressor

The economical solution for disposing of your big bags or empty bags.


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