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Big bag compactor

Due to its compactness the EMDE BSV 800 big bag compactor can be set up directly next to the work area. This eliminates otherwise unavoidable dust formation when the empty big bags are transported within the company.

Empty big bags are effectively and efficiently compacted. The container is disposed of via a generously sized filling opening with a gas strut-supported hinged lid.

Big-Bag Verdichter mit verlängertem Einwurfschacht
Big bag compactor with extended collection chute

The sacks are pressed into an empty disposable big bag by a robust, cantilevered compacting screw with progressive reduction. The big bag compactor is also available as a mobile version. The big bag compactor can be connected to external dust extraction via an aspiration nozzle so that dust discharge is avoided and the big bags can be disposed of with a minimum of dust.

Product advantages

  • Drastic reduction in disposal costs
  • Compaction ratio: 20 to 30 big bags in one disposal big bag
  • Low-dust compaction of empty big bags
  • Little space required
  • Heavy duty drive

Application areas

Compaction of various materials in big bags:

  • Wood shavings
  • Cotton wool
  • Glass fibres
  • Cardboard
  • Waste foil and plastic
  • Wool and fabric remnants