Our new containment solution

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Dust-tight discharge

The containment solution for emptying big bags

The requirements for the personal protection and the environment, as well as product quality, are rising continuously. The BE2000 from EMDE is designed in order to prevent contamination of the environment by dusts or contamination of the product, by an external influence to the maximum possible extent. The discharge system is designed to allow a containment level of OEB4 and it is also suitable for use of flammable and food products. To connect a big bag to the BE2000, the big bag needs a foil inliner. Due to the design of the system and the intuitive operating system, the big bag is docked and undocked in only 5 steps. No other accessories are required apart from the replaceable foil cartridges and the necessary sealing clips. In order to check the closure of the film inliner, the system can optionally be extended to include a sealing test.

To our Big Bag emptying stations


  • discharge of big bags up to containment level OEB 4
  • suitable for use with flammable powder
  • suitable for contact with food
  • docking and undocking of the big bag in only 5 steps
  • only few accessories required for closing and undocking
  • user-friendly, guided control concept
  • docking system available in the most common big bag outlet sizes
  • optionally available sealing test

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