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Inflation hose

The inflation hose guarantees dustproof sack and big bag filling nozzle connections. The container to be filled is securely connected in the docking area without folds forming.

The sack or filling nozzle is securely attached; the dustproofness during filling is then guaranteed. The clamping force is sufficient to fix the filling nozzle area so securely that it is possible to twist the sack to close it or to attach a closing clip.

Sackklemmung mit Blähschlauch und Gegenhalter
Sack clamp with inflation hose and counterholder

An additional counterholder is not required here. The inflation hose is available in natural rubber quality and conductive EPDM quality for the Ex area. A specially developed inflation hose ensures constant pressure and absolute dimensional stability. An evacuation valve ensures fast and complete de-aeration of the inflation hose.

Product advantages

  • Dimensionally stable inflation hose contour
  • Chemical-resistant, food grade, temperature-resistant and electrically conductive qualities
  • Extremely low-maintenance – attached with a tension strap
  • Pneumatically operated rapid de-aeration valve
  • Purely pneumatically operated inflation hose control

Application areas

  • Dustproof connection of big bags and sacks to filling nozzles