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Big bag filling stations

The big bag is constantly increasing in significance in bulk materials handling. The flexible handling of even bulk freightrequires the use of ever more powerful systems for dust-free filling of big bags.

Big-Bag Füllanlage für Kunststoffgranulat
Big bag filling system for plastic granulate

Product features

  • Extremely flexible system configuration, tailored to filling capacity, product properties and local conditions
  • Volumetrically or gravimetrically controlled systems
  • Precision filling by means of precise dosing systems
  • Product quality guaranteed via optionally integrated magnetic separator and sieve equipment.
  • Dustproof docking system and effective dust suction ensure a clean workplace
  • Maximum performance with automation to the greatest possible extent
  • Optimum sack filling and absolute stability due to compaction
  • Automatic closing of the big bag
  • Workplace optimisation, taking into account ergonomic and safety-related aspects
  • Big bag transport equipment by means of rollers and chain conveyors and conveyor belts
  • Control systems configured to customers’ wishes

Technical data

  • Filling weights between 100 – 2.000 kg per big bag
  • Filling performance up to 60 big bags @ 1 to per hour using asingle-bag filling system.

Product advantages

  • Extremely flexible system configuration
  • Precise dosing system, precision filling
  • Dustproof docking system

Application areas

  • Flexible handling of bulk materials
  • Dust-free filling of big bags