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Container, octabin and barrel filling/emptying stations

Emptying bulk materials containers, octabins and barrels requires tailor-made systems.

hydraulisch betätigte Fassumfüllstation
Hydraulically operated filling stations

EMDE emptying systems consist of the following basic components:

  • Stable welded square tube base frame with the necessary centring devices
  • Barrel and octabin emptying stations with electrically or hydraulically driven pivoting frame
  • Docking with spring-mounted seal plate

The following additional equipment is also available:

  • Discharge aids such as vibration frames
  • Discharge screws or pneumatic conveyor systems
  • Dosing devices with agitators for uniformproduct discharge
  • EMDE weighing frame for recording the product quantities to be discharged
  • Compressed air piston vibrator for final emptying of the container
  • Filling can be performed by fork lift, chain hoist or roller conveyor

Product advantages

  • Tailor-made system configuration
  • Electrically or hydraulically driven pivoting frame
  • Many additional accessory components available

Application areas

Emptying of bulk materials containers, octabins and barrels