Fully automatically operated Big Bag Filling station

Long time desired – now it comes true! : The fully automatically operating Big Bag filling station for 4-loops Big Bags. After a long lasting development phase for years the system is now ready for market and it gets more and more interest in the market. Considering a little special configuration nearly each type of Big Bag can be filled by this solution.

Product features

  • Reliable automatic operation also in industrial production fields
  • Robot operated handling and hang up of the four loops to the hooks.
  • Dust tight filling spout connection by pneumatically operated inflation grip
  • Useable for all Big Bag types and dimensions
  • Automatically operated clipper system for dust tight close of filling spout
  • For use  in operations with harmful products and for high capacity operations
  • Complex solutions including pallet dispenser and roller conveyors for pallet transport

Technical data

  • Filling capacity up to 50 Big Bags per hour, depending on flow characteristics of product