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Empty sack compactor

With the help of the EMDE LSV 400 empty sack compactor, empty paper and plastics sacks can be effectively and efficiently compacted to some 10-15% of their original volume.

Loading is performed either via a safety-compliant collection chute or via a connecting chute to the sack emptier.

Leersackverdichter mit aufklappbarem Eingreifschutz
Empty sack compactor with hinged hand guard

The sacks are pressed into a continuous polyethylene hose by a robust, cantilevered compacting screw with progressive reduction. For better compaction the empty sack compactor is equipped with an adjustable brake slider. As a mobile version the empty sack compactor is mounted with a brake slider on a base frame. To remove the compacted sacks the polyethylene sack is tied up and detached. An electrically conductive polyethylene hose covering is used when deployed in Atex zones.

Sack handling

The sack is proven as a bulk material container and is used in all industries. Handling is very flexible due to manual manipulation. Sackware can still be manhandled even in cramped spaces. In addition, the product quantity is often very simple to dose via the number of sacks.

Product advantages

  • Drastic reduction in disposal costs
  • Dust-free compaction of the empty sacks
  • Switch off via adjustable limit switch
  • Little space required
  • Heavy-duty drive
  • Compaction ratio can be regulated by adjustable brake

Application areas

  • Suitable for paper and plastic sacks
  • Efficient and effective compaction
  • Stable, cantilevered compaction screw