Sack handling

The sack is proven as a bulk material container and is used in all industries. Handling is very flexible due to manual manipulation. Sackware can still be manhandled even in cramped spaces. In addition, the product quantity is often very simple to dose via the number of sacks.

EMDE offers four different variants for low-dust emptying of sackware. A filter mounted directly on the dust collection hood ensures effective and secure vacuum cleaning of the work area.

To dispose of the old sacks, the sack emptying station is connected directly to an empty sack compactor. The dusty sack therefore never leaves the suction area of the aspiration.

Only a tightly connected sack or big bag filling nozzle does not produce dust during filling. Our own self-developed one-handed sack clamp with adjustable closing force takes care of this. The special sealing insert ensures that even extremely smooth sack materials cannot slip out.

The inflation hose with a self-developed pneumatic inflation hose control guarantees all-round sack and big bag connection.