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Lump breakers

Agglomerations, hard lumps and completely hardened container contents can be broken up with EMDE clump breakers.

Long-term experience with various products from various sectors has gone into the design of our lump breakers. They form the basis for this innovative technology.

Klumpenbrecher im Kunststoffbetrieb
Lump breakers in a plastics plant

Customer-specific variants and many options guarantee optimum adaptation to the respective problem.

Product features

  • In the chemical industry: breaking up agglomerations such as various powders, salts, blocked granulates, cellular glass and similar products. Coarse preliminary breaking up
  • In the foodstuffs industry: dissolving of sugar agglomerations and many other lumps caused by machine pressure, temperature or dampness. Breaking up of bakery products, pasta or hard food residues.
  • Fast cleaning with telescopic device and expanding seal
  • In the recycling industry: breaking up of filter cake
  • Heavy-duty welded crusher housing with double-sided flange for installation in product pipes and for integration into discharge systems
  • Ex-protected designs for dust and gas EX areas
  • Breaker shaft sealing systems configured for the respective application

Technical data

  • Corrosion-resistant or highly wear-resistant breaker discs with a capacity of up to 80 m³/h
  • 1, 2 or multiple shaft designs
  • Final granularity approx. 8 – 15 mm, depending on disc distribution and the sieve grate

Product advantages

  • Customer-specific designs and many options
  • Fast cleaning due to telescopic device and expanding seal
  • Ex-protected designs for dust and gas Ex-protected areas

Application areas

  • Use in various sectors, e.g. in the chemical and foodstuffs industries