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Double-paddle mixing screws

EMDE double-paddle mixing screws are ideally suited for continuous 24-hour operation due to their robustness and their high availability. These are used for mixing solid components and also for moistening bulk materials.

Both shafts mesh and are arranged to run in opposing directions so that they are self-cleaning!

Montage einer Doppelpaddelmischschnecke
Installation of a double-paddle mixing screw

The mixing elementsthemselves are designed as paddles which are screwed on to the shaft via mounting plates. The paddle shapeis variable and can be designed for specific bulk materials. The paddle can be changed quickly for highly abrasive applications. Product is moistened via spray boxes.

EMDE double-paddle mixing screws work in continuous or discontinuous mode in a horizontal or slightly sloping installation position.

Further stages such as tempering, homogenizing. or breaking up can be combined in addition to simple mixing processes. Externally gasproof and vacuum-resistant designs also allow mixing processes under special operating conditions.

Various experimental mixers are available in our technical centre for performing experiments for special mixing tasks.

Technical data

  • Mixing capacities up to 400 m³/h
  • Mixing lengths up to approx. 6 m

Product advantages

  • Robustness and high availability for 24-hour continuous operation
  • Variable paddle shape and bulk material-specific design
  • Can be combined with further process steps

Application examples

  • Mixing of solid components and moistening of bulk materials