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Rigid trough and tubular screw conveyors

Thousands in use all over the world! For dust-free transport of powdery to lumpy bulk materials along horizontal to vertical straight conveying routes.

EMDE trough and tubular screw conveyors also work with abrasive and adhesive media to be conveyed or media which tend to clog by means of variable blade designs such as paddles and ribbon or shaftless screws.

Montage einer Stopf- und Steilschnecke als Siloaustrag
Installation of a stuffing screw and an inclined screw conveyor as a silo output

Standardised shaft sealing systems with shaft sealing rings, adjustable stuffing boxes or mechanical shaft seals protect the external end bearings of the closed conveying system.

Product features

A test stand with circular conveying offers the opportunity to conduct conveying experiments in order to be able to make precise predictions on the fundamental conveyability and conveying performance of even the most problematic bulk materials.

  • Dual and multiple conveyor screws (discharge screw conveyors)
  • Gas- and pressure-proof and shock pressure resistant variants
  • Ex-protected variant to ATEX construction directive 94/9/EC
  • Type examination certificate for category EX II 1 / 2 GD c IIB T X
  • GOST-R certificate for deliveries to the Russian Federation
  • Special materials available (protective wear plates and hard surfacing, highly heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant sheet metals)
  • Coatings with anti-stick properties for wear and corrosion protection

Technical data

  • Capacities up to 500 m³/h
  • Conveying distances of up to 80 m possible
  • Screw sizes from 80 to 1,250 mm

Product advantages

  • Highest durability due to robust and very solid construction
  • A reliable, tried and tested calculation programme guarantees reliable design

Application areas

Our screw conveyors are suitable for filling and discharge conveying, dosing, distributing and stuffing.