Sack emptiers

The classic container for storing and transporting bulk materials is still the sack. For product quantities of 1 to 100 sacks per batch, the manually operated sack emptying system is still the most economic variant.

Montage einer kombinierten Sack-Big-Bag Entleerstation
Installation of a combined sack / big bag emptying station

Product properties

EMDE sack emptiers offer ergonomically optimised, manual handling of the container by four different basic types:

  • EMDE sack emptiers
  • EMDE sack chutes
  • EMDE sack emptying cabins
  • Combined EMDE sack / big bag emptiers

Depending on the intended use, EMDE sack emptiers can be combined with various attachments:

  • Empty sack necks with sack clamp
  • Empty sack compactors with connecting shaft
  • Product-friendly discharge aids in the emptier
  • Dosing and conveyor screws
  • Lump breakers
  • Rotary valves
  • Pneumatic conveyor equipment

Product advantages

  • Little cleaning required despite frequent changes of product
  • Emptying within enclosed dust collecting hoods
  • Dedusting with product refeeding
  • No commitment to specific sack types, sizes or materials
  • Designed in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

Application areas

  • Ergonomically optimised, manual handling of bulk materials in sacks