Empty sack compactor

With the help of the EMDE LSV 400 empty sack compactor, empty paper and plastics sacks can be effectively and efficiently compacted to some 10-15% of their original volume.

Loading is performed either via a safety-compliant collection chute or via a connecting chute to the sack emptier.

Leersackverdichter mit aufklappbarem Eingreifschutz
Empty sack compactor with hinged hand guard

The sacks are pressed into a continuous polyethylene hose by a robust, cantilevered compacting screw with progressive reduction. For better compaction the empty sack compactor is equipped with an adjustable brake slider. As a mobile version the empty sack compactor is mounted with a brake slider on a base frame. To remove the compacted sacks the polyethylene sack is tied up and detached. An electrically conductive polyethylene hose covering is used when deployed in Atex zones.

Product advantages

  • Drastic reduction in disposal costs
  • Dust-free compaction of the empty sacks
  • Switch off via adjustable limit switch
  • Little space required
  • Heavy-duty drive
  • Compaction ratio can be regulated by adjustable brake

Application areas

  • Suitable for paper and plastic sacks
  • Efficient and effective compaction
  • Stable, cantilevered compaction screw