Filling and emptying of containers with bulk materials is inevitably associated with more or less powerful dust formation depending on the product consistency and grain distribution.

It is only possible to keep the workplace clean, and to fill and empty safely with intelligent technology and active aspiration.

Precision filling of big bags, sacks and barrels is the prerequisite for marketing the products in these sales containers. For this, we offer the right dosing technology in addition to calibratable weighing systems.

Not all bulk materials which were packed for transport as free-flowing bulk material also arrive at the customer with this same consistency. At some point you will also certainly have been annoyed to discover that the product in the big bag or sack is strongly caked, lumpy or has even turned completely into a solid block at some time.

The unique experience of specialists is needed here to ensure that such hard lumps are also discharged.

Use our long-term experience in all industries and profit from the expert knowledge of our sales engineers who would be pleased to work out a concept for you which fits your circumstances.