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Loading system

Almost all end products are produced in a variety of variants. There are specific recipes for each application.

This requires flexible storage of individual components and a production batch change which entails as little cleaning as possible. The patented dosing and loading system complies with these requirements.

Shuttletransport in Batchbin Dosieranlage
Shuttle transport in a dosing system

The central core component of the dosing system is a shuttle on chain conveyors which can be moved horizontally in two levels and which is filled gravimetrically with the individual components of a production batch in a controlled manner by a dosing container. The tower takes care of the vertical transport of the shuttle.

Product features

  • Incremental extension with a modular system
  • Contamination-free loading
  • Greatly reduced construction height of the overall system
  • Flexible integration into existing plant technology
  • High system use through simultaneous dosing of different recipes
  • Documented quality through fully automatic dosing in the shuttle
  • Shuttle identification via chip recognition
  • Shuttle transport by heavy-duty chain conveyors
  • Vertical transport by means of robotower
  • Freely selectable shuttle distribution on mixed and finished product lines
  • Dustproof docking system in filling and emptying position
  • Loss-free circulation air dust collection

Technical data

  • Dosing precision up to  +/- 5 g
  • Shuttle volume up to 1,600 l

Product advantages

  • Incremental extension with a modular system
  • Contamination-free loading
  • Simultaneous dosing of different recipes

Application areas

  • Simple reproducibility of batches and product mixtures
  • Product batch changing with a minimum of cleaning
  • Precise dosing within narrow tolerances