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Big bag emptying stations

Use of big bags in the bulk materials sector is constantly increasing. Dust-free emptying, fast and secure handling and an ergonomically ideal design for the emptying stations have priority for this application.

EMDE big bag emptiers are produced in four different basic variants. Each variant offers the customer optimum benefits for the respective application. Your specific requirements are the basis for the design of the emptying system. The type-defining selection criteria include product-specific flow properties, such as grain size, flow properties, bulk material weight and consistency.

Big-Bag Entleer- und Dosieranlage
Big bag emptying and dosing system

Further important dimensioning criteria are the number of containers to be emptied per hour, local circumstances and finally the customer’s concrete needs. Various additional accessories are necessary to always configure the ideal solution for the customer due to the varied configuration of big bags (FIBCs), starting with the dimensions, the material, the emptying nozzle dimensions and the number of loops.

Four different basic variants:

  • BE 1000 – simple discharge funnel with safety supporting frame
  • BE 1400 – docking nozzle with sack clamp
  • BE 1500 – discharge funnel with sealing membrane and access opening for attaching big bags
  • BE 1600 – dual ring docking system with optional seal plate, inflation hose and retightening equipment


The emptying station is loaded with integrated lifting gear and a lifting gantry, a fork lift truck and fork lift attachment or a crane already on site. Different docking systems such as dual ring docking systems with inflation hose and retightening equipment, docking nozzles with sack clamp or discharge funnel with rubber membrane are available for dust-free emptying.

For big bags with an inliner or inlet we have developed a special clamping system which prevents the inliner from slipping out of the big bag during emptying. Disposable big bags without a discharge hose can be opened automatically with the optionally available cross knife. For reusable bags there is the option of reclosing open big bags with our closing systemand thus of offering the customer better big bag handling.

With flow-resistant, lumpy or bridge-forming products there is the option of using our proven discharge aids. Both our bottom activating system and our side walker have proved themselves in practice as pneumatic walking equipment. Vibrating discharge aids run by an unbalance motor are also available. We have developed our combined sack and big bag emptying equipment for customers who wish to empty big bags and sacks alternately.

Product features

  • Dust-free emptying due to dual ring socking system with inflation hose seal, docking nozzle with sack clamp, emptying funnel with sealing membrane and optional dust aspiration channel for extremely dusty products
  • Dimensioning based on bulk material properties such as grain size, flow properties, bulk weight and consistency as well as depending on the number of containers to be emptied
  • Adaptation to a wide variety of big bag designs as regards measurements, material, emptying nozzle dimensions and number of loops
  • Loading with integrated chain hoist, fork lift and/or with a crane already on site.
  • Lifting systems for the lowest construction heights with lifting/pivoting column or telescopic big bag carrying frame
  • Cross knife for automatic opening of disposable big bags without discharge nozzle
  • Inliner clamp for big bags with inliner / inlet
  • Closing system for partly emptied big bags
  • Weighing frame for discharge weighing
  • Discharge aids such as vibrating floors and floor and side walking equipment

Product advantages

  • Dust-free emptying
  • Fast, safe handling
  • Optimum ergonomic design
  • Lifting systems for the lowest construction heights

Application areas

Dust-free emptying and dosing of bulk materials out of big bags