Big-Bag handling

The big bag is the ideal container for handling bulk materials. The disposal volume of the empty container is significantly less than with goods in sacks. Big bags can also be partly recycled. It is not necessarily a disposable container. Partial emptying is also possible.

Our system solution is as individual as your requirements

The technology for filling and emptying the FIBC is adapted to sack variants and product properties as individually as big bags are adapted to customer wishes. The system solution tailored to your requirements is assembled based on standard versions which can be configured in many ways.

The filling and emptying performance has an important role to play. So far, EMDE has always found a functional solution to all problems.

Caking and lumps frequently form in big bags due to temperature fluctuations, pressure during transport, damp and lengthy storage periods. Usually, not much can be done about this – but we gladly rise to this challenge. Although we now have a lot of practical experience in emptying big bags from many sectors, it is still necessary to perform emptying experiments from time to time.

We have the option of testing different systems in our technical centre.